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Our philosophy

An innovative place - supported by a brave project, that became a reality for teaching and sharing the passion for cooking. The Quokika’s equipment will give you the possibility to repeat at home dishes prepared together. In this context, who is taking part to courses will have the opportunity to use electrical equipment, as well as being in own kitchen at home. The room is structured by an “island” with 10/ 12 locations with 6 hobs/cookers and a steel floor, which is used for the preparation of fresh pasta and grown mixtures. The same floor is also useful as a table to eat the cooking dishes.
Moreover, who will attend the course will have at disposition necessary kitchen aprons and tools.

Targets of each meeting are:
- Knowledge and development of ingredients
- Cooking skills
- Use of main kitchen tools
- Development and personalization of recipes
- Sharing and analysis of results

Courses are practical and require the use of cutting and cooking tools. Courses last about three hours and can be daytime (on request) and evening. Some will be divided into multiple weekly sessions.

Entries can be made in the following ways :
- At the office directly in Via Doria 30 in Imperia during opening hours (10-12 am and 4-6 pm - working days)
- By phone at +39 0183-754047
- By sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Quokika Imperia


FOOD as an opportunity of aggregation, sharing and curiosity for new recipes, tastes and flavors. This is the Quokika’s target : a COOKING SCHOOL where you can make yourself the RECIPE, the MENU that maybe, at home - you do not have time or wish to test.

SHARE : because you are not alone, you can come with some friends, make new ones and try to have fun cooking all together ! ...

KITCHEN: because you will be you - your-self - with the staff’s help , suggestions and experience to create YOUR own dish.

EAT : because , once the RECIPE has been made, after the HOB/COOKER, TOOLS, you can take out the KITCHEN APRON : you sit down at our table and EAT what you prepared, together with us, along with other people who attended the COURSE.

You can learn, you can improve and can be fun COOKING together!


Quokika - Scuola di Cucina
Via Doria 30, Imperia
Tel.: +39 0183 754047